Matt Redding, Humanpup, Kabous Pup, Website Designer, Web Programmer

Matt Redding

Matt Redding's been creating websites long before most humanpups were even born. He's also been online longer than most people even knew the internet existed. Other than being a geeky computer engineer, he's also has 6 internet firsts/inventions to his credit and has either directly programmed or been the team leader for more than 1,000 websites in his career.

Web servers, server administration, web programming, SEO, and online marketing are all within his puppy kennel. If you're curious how good he is at social media marketing then you should look at his Instagram account @djtatmatt.

He's for hire to create websites, ecommerce sites, point-of-sale systems, or help with marketing for other puppy clubs and real businesses.

Just contact him through the below form.

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