Get On PrEP for HIV Prevention

You Should Be On PrEP

PrEP is one of the best kept secrets of modern medicine because no one wants to talk about the sexual promiscuity that creates the need.

Traditional values say that you should have one sexual partner, presumably that partner is also your significant other.

Society has come up with several colorful names for people who have more than one sexual partner. For example, you might be a "cheater" if you have one affair outside of the relationship with your significant other. Maybe you "sleep around" when you have more than one sexual partner outside of your relationship.

Then you have the whores, which can be a slur or maybe the person is really getting paid. The slut has many sexual partners.

What do you call someone who has 50 or more sexual partners in a single year? Your doctor might say you have a sex addiction and recommend sexual compulsion therapy. After all, 50 or more partners in a year seems excessive.

But what do you call someone who's sexual encounters with other has far surpassed 50 in a year, say more than 200 sexual encounters in a single year? How about 500? Or even 600?

First of all, if someone is having that much sex with other people, they must be doing a lot of things right. It takes physical stamina, health, and eating right. You might not find them in the gym because that amount of sex is probably their daily exercise.

Matt Redding (Alpha Pup Kabous) calls these super sexually active people "Responsible Sluts." Some people are intimidated by the experience of these responsible sluts, but there's no need to be. In fact, these responsible sluts probably know a lot more about STIs (and the symptoms of the associated STDs) than your family doctor. They freely talk about how they stay healthy for sex, how they prepare themselves, and they have amazing stories to share. They make great teachers for anyone with less experience.

Kabous created a social media and created a social media awareness campaign to end the stigma of sleeping around. That campaign focuses on taking PrEP every day and uses the hashtags #ShowYourPill and #ResponsibleSlut.

There's no excuse to not be on PrEP today. It's readily available in every country and there's plenty of government funding to get you on PrEP without your regular insurance ever knowing about it.

The information below will get you started at the Paterson Health Clinic for STI testing and PrEP. You DO NOT have to live in New Jersey to go to this clinic. The only requirement is that you drive to this clinic once every three months for your tests, and then get your medication from the pharmacy they use.

Paterson Health Clinic

Paterson Board of Health
STI Testing
176 Broadway,
Paterson, NJ 07505

Hours: 9:30AM - 12PM
Registration begins at 8:45AM
Open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

No appointment needed, but you will need to make sure that Jesse is there when you go because she is in charge of signing people up for PrEP.

Her cell is (862) 400-7802
Her office is 973-321-1277 x2736

You can text her and say that you want to come in to get back on PrEP.

She might take a few days to reply, but she eventually will reply when she's working.

The Paterson Health Clinic is also a COVID-19 vaccine location, so they are pretty busy during he pandemic.

When you arrive, you'll have to go to the back door and get the attention of one of the security guards sitting at the desk inside the glass doors. They will give you the clinic's sign-in sheet to fill out, and a number.

They will do all the blood work that's needed. You'll have to go there every 3 months. Once you are signed up with them you don't have to worry about the 3 person limit any more because you are a patient of the clinic, but it is still good to get there before 9AM anyway.

You can tell Jessy that "Matthew from Totowa" referred you to them. The state funding for the clinic is based on the number of people they help.

The PrEP Rx itself will be filled at a pharmacy in Haledon. It's all free.