Bark and Welcome to HLP, a club for Humanpups, Humanpets, Furries, Sirs... get the point.

Our Humanpet Play club is centered in New Jersey, with members worldwide.

We call ourselves the Home for Lost Pups/Pets, or HLP for short.

We're a different type of pup and handler (PAH) club than what you have seen elsewhere. HLP is the home you never thought you'd have, a home where you can fit in.

Our inclusivity is built right into the Board of Representatives that runs HLP.

HLP organizes various events for social fun, play, learning, & helping you be who you want to be.

We are a humanpup/humanpet membership club for anyone interested in humanpet play, and we exist for the benefit of our members.

Most of our Full Members and events are in and around New Jersey, USA, but we do have Registered Members living all over the US and globally. Check out our Membership Page.

You never know who you will meet at an HLP event.

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Thursday, August 31, 2023
Sex Didn't Exist Before Our Generation Came Along
by Alpha Pup Kabous (Matt Redding)
Dear Members,

When I first kicked off HLP in 2018 it was because there was a void in New Jersey for activities such as ours, and there was a lot of interest from people who didn't want to travel into New York City or Philadelphia. For our community, we really were a bunch of "Lost Pups" looking for a home within our own state, rather than fighting our way into nearby neighboring big cities.

I had, and still have, a lot of ideas for our community. I'm an ambitious overachiever with every endeavor I take on; sometimes I'm even blinded by my ambition without realizing that it's unattainable. With HLP, I knew I'd be laughed at if I had made my goals public back in the beginning. But I also felt my core values would be shared by others and become the cornerstone of HLP upon which we could build, and eventually reach more
Latest News:
Thursday, August 31, 2023
These Lemons Really Hurt
by Alpha Pup Kabous (Matt Redding)
The Home for Lost Pets was founded in 2018 with a unique leadership idea and with the fortune of having a physical clubhouse in which we could host dinner parties, movie nights, gaming, and play parties. What made this clubhouse really unique was that the entire first floor was set up as a fetish dungeon, the second floor had a hanging bondage table, and the third floor had a permanent ball pit.

The house became known as HLP Headquarters, or HLP HQ for short. Over the years, members and guests have visited from all across the country, and we even hosted a few international visitors. The walls of the second floor have the town names for every visitor who has ever set a paw on the property. There's even a guestbook for everyone to sign during their first visit, and any other time they stop over.

I bought the house in 2006, and for a while I was successfully running a business from the first floor office. But in November 2018, a broken pipe on the 2nd floor flooded and destroyed the 2nd floor, 1st floor, and the basement, leaving only the 3rd floor habitable for several months. That flood also brought an abrupt end to my business and left my 1st floor gutted. I suppose a normal person would be pissed off that they were left with an unusable floor in their home, but not me. I took the opportunity to set up a sex dungeon for HLP.

Five years ago I had the hope that HLP be large enough and financially able to buy or rent the house from me so I could move to France to be with my husband, but the pandemic changed all that. Right up until the beginning of August 2023, I still planned on turning the house over to HLP somehow.

But all that has change. Overnight.

For the last 10 months my mother has been complaining to her doctor about frequent head/neck pains, dizziness, and nausea. At first, she was only experiencing these once in a while, but now she is dealing with them at least once a day. In early August she was diagnosed with three brain tumors. They are non-cancerous, but also non-operative. There are other treatments that we hope to pursue.

The potential treatments are supposed to stop more