Bark and Welcome to HLP, a club for Humanpups, Humanpets, Furries, Sirs... get the point.

Our Humanpet Play club is headquartered in New Jersey, with members worldwide.

We call ourselves the Home for Lost Pups/Pets, or HLP for short.

We're a different type of pup and handler (PAH) club than what you have seen elsewhere. HLP is the home you never thought you'd have, a home where you can fit in.

Our inclusivity is built right into the Board of Representatives that runs HLP.

HLP organizes various events for social fun, play, learning, & helping you be who you want to be.

We are a humanpup/humanpet membership club for anyone interested in humanpet play, and we exist for the benefit of our members.

Most of our Full Members are in and around New Jersey, USA because our headquarters in in New Jersey, but we do have Registered Members living all over the US and globally. Check out our Membership Page.

You never know who you will meet at an HLP event.

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