About Us

HLP is an LGBTQI fetish social club focusing on the needs of it's members. We truly want those who feel lost to have a home with us.

Lost can mean many things, including struggling with sexual identity, depression, body image, anxiety, or anything else that doesn't allow you to feel happy with yourself.

We are not doctors or counselors, but many of our members have suffered the same issues and they are okay with helping others talk through their problems.

We all come together with the common ground of fun and carefree humanpup play which helps all of us temporarily escape the realities of life.

We provide an active daily chat where the NJ area humanpuppy community can gather. Learn. Make friends.

We also organize in-person events to motivate members to hang out and "pup out" in person.

At HLP events you are invited to "be who you want to be."