The HLP social club, first and foremost, is here to help members socialize. We facilitate that through a chat group on the Telegram social network and in-person events all year long.

PLEASE NOTE: HLP mandates proof of full vaccination+booster against COVID-19. All HLP events held after January 10, 2022 will require proof of the booster.

New Member Admittance Policy:

All member applications will be reviewed before approval. HLP remains committed to maintaining a safe and balanced membership where everyone supports one another. Members expect that other members will respect everyone's individuality. HLP is an inclusive club that would like to welcome all those interested, but we maintain the right to refuse member applications for reasons including, but not limited to, when the applicant cannot proved a government issued ID proving their age, or when the applicant has been involved with illegal activities.

We have 3 membership levels:

  1. Registered Member: This is where your membership starts. You must first register on this website. Once your registration is reviewed by a real person, you'll be given access to additional areas of this website where you'll find more membership information, links to events, and links to our Telegram chat. Once your registration is approved, your membership number will be assigned and the year you join is established. After your registration is approved, you'll be granted access to the Telegram Chat Link after logging into your account.

  2. Card Holder: Someone who pays $5 for our membership card. Only Registered Members will be able to access that page. This is a one time fee for a membership card that has your join year on it. This membership card will allow you to get discounts as some local businesses, and you'll get access to the Cardholder Discounts page for a list of websites that offer deals for HLP members.

  3. Full Member: Someone who pays $25 per year for membership. Full members have access to additional discounts from our retail sponsors, and are given the ability to register for events before they are offered to Card Holders or the public. There are a few Full Member only events every year, like Thanksgiving. Full Members in good standing have the right to vote (and run) for BOR positions when they are open.

PLEASE NOTE: There are hidden areas of this website that you will not see until you become a Registered Member and log into this website. Only then will you see the pages that allow you to pay for a membership card or pay for your yearly membership.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are available for $5. Your membership card will show the year you joined HLP and it gives you access to discounts from websites and local fetish stores.

Sample cards are shown below from 2018 and 2019. Card holder discounts are offered at, Purple Passion in NYC, and at You'll be able to view the card holder benefits page to see how to redeem the discounts once a card has been issued to you.

Sample 2018 Membership Card

Sample 2019 Membership Card

Getting Your Membership Card

Membership cards are available only to members who have completed the Join HLP form on this website. You can purchase a membership card in-person at one of our events or wherever you see one of the BOR reps. You can also buy the member card online on this page: Member Cards .