Chat Rules Relaxed So You Can Better Express Your Feelings

Every day seems loaded with confusion right now. I know many people are struggling to find the words to express how they feel. Isolation. Financial difficulties. Fear of sickness and death. Fear of police and politicians. Fear of safety while wondering if you should join the protesting. On top of that we have been robbed of our Pride month celebrations which, for many, is the only time of the year when we feel safe enough to show our pride colors.

I just want to say that it’s okay if you choose to be silent. You do not have to stand up and join in on any level. Don’t let others tell you that silence = acceptance of any injustice you are seeing.

In this country we have the right to participate in protests, but we have a more important right to vote. Just like you have the right not to vote if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to take up arms, riot, or protest. Your voice is strongest when you take the time to evaluate what’s happening and then cast your vote at the next election.

That’s how this country runs. Protests, riots, isolation, and financial struggles can only be changed by our political leaders. Vote for people who represent your personal needs and values. We can only hope that the elected officials will hear the cry of We The People and change will be affected.

I felt the need to say these words after reading accusations on FB by a current title holder who is trying to call out other title holders who have remained silent. I want you to know that you are allowed to remain silent. This is not school and there’s no teacher that will randomly call upon you for an answer.

That said, I’m going to suspend the HLP rule of “no politics” in our member chat. For the next 24 hours I want everyone to feel free to express how they feel. I created HLP as a support group for those who feel lost. Right now many of you might feel lost, but the no politics rule is preventing you from talking about what’s on your mind.

Please keep the conversation civil. Please use phrases like “I feel” and avoid saying phrases like “you’re wrong” or any name calling.

Matt Redding
HLP Alpha

AT: 06/04/2020 02:18:26 AM   LINK TO THIS ENTRY

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