Monthly HLP Social (restarted as of July 2021)

ALL PUPS, SIRS, and FURS are invited to Club Feathers every month. Usually we meet on the first Friday of ever month, but we also skip weekends if it's a 3-day holiday weekend. Make sure to check this schedule:

Join our monthly social at Club Feathers. The Home for Lost Pups (HLP) invites all pups, sirs, and furs to socialize. No mosh.

Drink. Eat. Bark. Socialize. Dance. Make friends. Enjoy!

Come mingle in the lower level and meet and talk to other folk that are curious about our community. It's the perfect opportunity to show others that our community won't bite anyone.

Even though Feathers isn't a fetish bar, pup appearances are well received. All gear and jock straps are allowed and welcomed by the owner. Harnesses, rubber, neoprene, fur suites, and (of course) leather are all invited gear.

There's no mosh space. This is a social and a dance. Come meet the pups running HLP and find out more about us. Feathers' lower level is a social bar with the dance club upstairs. Join us for a few drinks at the lower level or dance the night away in the club.

21+ With ID
$7 cover to get in.
Plenty of parking in the NJ-Transit lot directly across the street.
Cash/Credit bar.
They also serve hot food.
Feathers has managed to survive the great gay bar culling that's happened in NJ over the last 15 years. Support them by buying a drink, otherwise they won't be there to support us!

Keep yourself safe! River Edge police monitor Club Feathers all the time. Uber/Lyft there if you plan on drinking a lot, otherwise you will get nabbed for DUI if you attempt to drive home after a few too many. The police will also yell at you if you jaywalk from the lot to the club, so walk to the corner and use the crosswalk.
Even though NJ Transit is right across the street, the public transport stops working long before Feathers closes for the night.

We suggest that you remove or hide your hoods and gear before leaving for the night. We also suggest leaving by 1:30am while Club Feathers security is still outside. This is a protection for you since drunkin muggles like to mouth off when they don't understand queer fetish folk.

This is the monthly public event for New Jersey Home for Lost Pups (NJ-HLP). We are a group of pups that often feel lost in our lives and do our best to help one another. Our membership is free for anyone interested in visiting New Jersey for any of our humanpup or related fetish events.
NJ-HLP was founded by Matt Redding and has a managing "Board of Representatives" (not a board of directors) to properly speak for all aspects of the fetish community.

If you have a car and live in NJ, NY, PA, DE, or CT, you are welcomed sign up as a free Registered Member on this website then join us in out Telegram chat.

Check out the Club Feathers website for current information about their events,

Monthly humanpup social
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