Board of Representatives

The Home for Lost Pets is a different kind of social club. We are doing our best to be as inclusive as possible for our membership, and for us, that means we need to understand who you are, for real.

Other social clubs elect a "Board of Directors" to positions of power and it often turns out that those in charge all have the same point of view and they might even all look the same. One of the things that makes humanpet play so great is it's openness for all types of people, therefore we feel that we needed a board that represents all types of people.

HLP has outlined 14 "Representative" titles for the Trustees that run this organization, all together they are called the "Board of Representatives" (BOR). At any given time there may be a few open seats in the BOR, which simply means that no one with the outlined qualifications has stepped up to join our leadership or run for election. If you're interested, ask us how you can get involved.

This list of Community Representatives is subject to change as the needs of our community change.
The 18-20 and 21-25 Rep positions exist so we can have the input from that age group. They will remind us what younger ideals were like before we got old and jaded (and wise about the world). Likewise, the older BOR members would be able to offer the younger reps a forward view of life that could then be shared back out to that younger part of our NJ area community.

21-25 Age Group Representative – "21-25 Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Trans Representative – "Trans Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Asexual Representative – "Ace Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Representative – "BIPOC Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Cisgender Women Representative – "Cis Woman Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Big Bodied (Bear) Representative – "Bear Rep"

(position currently vacant)

BDSM Representative – "BDSM Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Leather Representative – "Leather Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Rubber Representative – "Rubber Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Ageplayer Representative – "Ageplay Rep" or "Little Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Artistic Representative – "Muse Rep"

(position currently vacant)

Furry Fandom Representative – "Furry Rep"

Hi, I'm Badger!

I've been a furry attending cons and meets since 2006. Lived all my life in NJ with a small stop in PA for college. I discovered pups during through the furry fandom and have been active in the HLP community since at 2017.

A lot of my life has revolved around the furry fandom and its people. I'm glad to be branching out lately and the pups are very welcoming. I keep telling them they all count as furries but no one believes me uwu

I've modded in a couple small furry chats during the years and I have enjoyed helping the two communities find interests in one another. See you guys at Gunnison Beach!!

Human Pets Representative – "Pet Rep"

(position currently vacant)

HLP Alpha

Kabous Pup humanpupMatt Redding is lovingly knows as Kabous Pup. He is the International Geared Up Pup 2018.

Kabous lived a quiet life at home with his handler for more than 10 years, and then in 2014 they discovered that puppy play was a legitimate fetish. Suddenly, they no longer had to be embarrassed by the pup antics they did at home alone together. In 2015, Kabous has been promoting humanpup play and trying to drag more puppies out of their hidden kennels.

Being a humanpup is how Matt unwinds from the stresses of being the workday boss. Kabous shares his glass-half-full point of view all the time in hopes to inspire other pups to overcome their own personal demons.

Kabous was honored to judge several puppy title contests around the world and participate in several other fetish title holder events, and is an active collaborator with contest producers and title holders worldwide.

Kabous is very open to the fact that terrycloth hanky and white + polka dots hanky are his favorite flagging colors. He refers to himself the #ResponsibleSlut and continually talks openly about sex positivity, STI testing, and PrEP while also sharing photos of his random play dates.

He's the host of the monthly HLP Member parties in NJ which routinely have 20 to 25 members and guest traveling in from all over world and the USA. Everyone's town names are posted on the walls, and they sign a guest book, for all future attendees to see.

Kabous hopes to inspire all puppies to have safe fun at their local bars or out in public; just make sure to learn how to make a good first impression and ease people into the idea of puppy play.

Prior to HLP, Kabous served on the board of NJ-PAH as First Pup. He also had memberships with NYC-PAH and ECKC.

Kabous is the founder of the Home for Lost Pups (HLP), and serves as the Community Alpha for HLP, or simply the "HLP Alpha."

Want to Represent on our Board?

HLP is still a young organization without specific term limits set for our Board Member positions.

To be a member of the BOR you must first get involved with our regular activities, and volunteer for a few of them. We don't recommend running for a Rep position until you fully understand what HLP is all about and are sure you are ready to commit the time needed for a leadership position.

Board members but also be Full Members (paid yearly membership dues).

Please contact us if you are interested.